adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer 20210907

It’s OK. The shoes are very comfortable. The size is very suitable. The size is very standard. It’s very light. When it comes to activities, it’s still very cost-effective. Ha ha, I don’t know if it’s genuine, but the workmanship is OK.

It’s very good. It’s just the right size. It’s light. It’s really cost-effective to get a discount. It’s super cost-effective. And I like it very much. Although it’s gray, it can also be worn as a small white shoe. It’s super good, super good!

The quality of the shoes I bought in this double festival activity is nothing to say. It’s really good. I bought all the shoes in size of 43. I’m more happy than winning the prize this time. I like everyone very much. My husband hasn’t come back from his business trip. I’ll send the pictures of the shoes first

adidas Cloudfoam Lite Racer

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