NIKE Air Force 1 20210809

The recommended size is half the size. It should be slippers, so the comfort is very poor. It is not worn like that. It is a criminal shoe! After wearing the n-day upper, it is still extremely hard! I don’t recommend buying this. I can’t get it out. As shown in the figure I don’t say much about the hard material of the upper material, no picture and no truth. Why not use the upper of the normal nike shoes! This shoe is not cheap! This broken hard upper is to save cost! It’s a torture for all jios The sole material can be covered into sweat jio even if it is dry in summer. The upper will not be said. The overall sole is a rubber sole which is not airtight, and the sole is very hard and there is no comfort to step on. Is express Nike short of money now Shunfeng expensive does not need Shun Feng very normal, so, Shentong Zhongtong all kinds of express also cannot afford In this era, such a large brand uses postal In the same city, three days to arrive. Don’t buy it in summary! I have been

The upper foot is really beautiful. Although I haven’t tested it with software, I feel it can’t be fake. But the most annoying thing is that the toe is too easy to wrinkle. It’s really uncomfortable to leave some wrinkles on it. But there’s no way to do it. After all, this is a common problem of all air force No.1. So I bought a shoe shield specially. The crease was not obvious, but the shoe shield was too worn, so I gave up,, Generally speaking, I still like this pair of shoes. There are some small flaws, but they are acceptable

NIKE Air Force 1

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