Air Jordan 4 GS Lemon Venom 20210807

Air Jordan 4 GS Lemon Venom

Jordan air jordan 4 GS lemon venom “colorful candy” aj4 fashionable leisure culture basketball shoes are covered with large area of patent leather. The shoes body is full white and decorated with jelly texture fluorescent yellow and phosphor. It has a refreshing and versatile temperament, but also has its own coquettish color matching. It is definitely a good choice to wear in the street at present. Product No. cv7808-100 ා 1221109007

Good shoes, good cost performance, belong to the middle of the upper, feel good bounce. Worth buying! The first comment, so nervous, how to say ah, how to type a number of words to show literary talent ah, so good or bad, will it become popular ah, I write so good will be too far away, write so deep, others will not understand ah, how to write elegant and natural level, half an hour to write so much will not be too fast, so excited!

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