Nike Lunarepic Flyknit 20210731

The boss gave her the awesome express to get 10 kilometers. Since it is good shoes, say more than two shoes, the whole shoe is divided into 5 parts: appearance 2.5 support, slow vibration 4 springback 4 flexible 2.5 package 5 breathable 3 wear resistant 2 feet fertilizer, careful ion of the instep height, long distance, no too much pressure, too tight package, too much pressure on the arch, and a clear acid swelling at the beginning and end of the running. Press the road. When the distance between the fashionable shoes and the distance is too hard to affect the real speed, you still need to change the wear resistance of K23, as shown in the figure. The 10km treadmill is worn like this. It’s hard to avoid sacrificing some professionalism for its high appearance. Who can make it beautiful

Genuine products also sent insoles, double eleven, yearning for so long, finally arrived! Luna is really light. I have to admire the technology of Nike. It’s very wrapped. I feel great about my feet. I’m full of excrement. What’s the best way to go for fitness and travel It’s not tiring to walk for 30000. Ha ha ha ha ha

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