NIKE Air Force 1 20210629

Air Force 1 naked eye 3D double hook overlapping double hook sacai this design is very unique, the 3D effect is used on the shoes logo gives a sense of three-dimensional, the design of 3D glasses on the insole makes this pair of shoes more unique, and it is still a popular white space 1! The current price is the best time to start with such a hot design. Unfortunately, boys without men’s small feet can enter 40 pairs of shoes without joint name. Shoes designed by the same kind will also have chain effect. In recent days, the women’s size of Parra dunk has broken 4K, while the female size of Parra Blazer hovers around 2K After the shoe market has stabilized and the price has stabilized in recent days, the probability of the price falling again will hardly be very great. However, the current price of this pair of shoes is in the early stage of 1K, even if it does not break the joint name of 1.4k, there must be some after all, shoes are consumables, and one pair will be less, and there is

After waiting for a long time, I finally have the size I can wear. Shunfeng super express shoes are really good, but they start to grind their feet a little, but the style is cool and has no color difference. Just like the picture, I’m very happy. From then on, I stepped into the shoe pit. Many friends say that the shoes I bought are very good. They are really good for all kinds of fashion shoes. If you are afraid to grind your feet and lose weight, you can buy half or one size shoes;

NIKE Air Force 1

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