Air Jordan 11 20210618

The big 0.5 yards bought are just right. It’s a little tight. The ankle work has always been like this. It’s not like Tucao New Year’s wear. Ha ha ha didn’t make complaints about the products, but it should be right.

Before buying this pair of shoes, many inquired about it and said that it was not good to match sports reputation alone. It was clear that the attitude was tough and the store bullied customers. There were obvious defects in the shoes. It was said that the production was not made by you. This is no problem. But the blind and visible defect of the shoes is different in size, so the two logos are sent out directly Also said that with the clothes thread is the same, really like to argue, the most important thing is that the return is not responsible for postage It’s not easy for the student party to buy shoes. Nearly 2000 pairs of shoes have been bought. The shopkeeper is really understatement. If you wear these shoes, you can’t wear them, right You deserve to treat consumers as idiots All think these people are * * I hope all the friends who like shoes to buy shoes in this store should pay attention to it. The store bullying attitude is not good, and the most important shoes are so obvio

Air Jordan 11

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