New Balance 373 20210430

I’ve always wanted to buy a pair of n-shaped shoes. The discount was very strong during the double eleven. Finally, I bought two pairs. The logistics speed was very fast during the double eleven. When I got it, the box was very light, and I was worried about it. After opening it, I found that the shoes were light. I felt very good after wearing them. Moreover, the color was very beautiful. It was very good to match the clothes. The cloth on the outside was not easy to be dirty Praise

I bought the size 35 by mistake, so my roommate gave it a try and it was very nice. So I replaced it with this pair of size 38. The sole is not particularly hard. Although it doesn’t feel like stepping on it, it won’t be uncomfortable. The soles and arches of the feet fit well and won’t be tired. I’ve been wearing them for a week or two. I think they are better and cheaper. The 373 series will be smaller than the 574 series.

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