Air Jordan 1Retro High OG Spizike Fort Greene 20201117

Limited air jordan 1retro high og spizike Fort Greene Spike Lee

Take the express open to go to fitness, very light, not as comfortable as imagined, a little hard, but the price is also OK White very good-looking air cushion is not high, the last point! When shooting, it should be half a size smaller than usual!!! I’m big, but I’m too lazy to change

Logistics is a little slow. Everything else is very good. I think it’s OK to choose the size I usually wear. I think it’s a little tight when I buy the shoes. My feet are not too fat. Because the shoes are well wrapped, they are a little tight and cover your feet. They are suitable for autumn and winter. They are hot in summer. It’s still a good color for your reference.

Air Jordan 1Retro High OG Spizike Fort Greene

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