adidas Yeezy Boost Runner 700 20200921

Good looking, great looking! Finally, the three brothers of coconut have been gathered together! Foot feeling is as good as ever, a little bit wear feet, but OK, wear stockings on the line, or buy a bigger size! Like it!!! Customer service is also very patient! Love, come to this shop often! A steady group!

Seriously, buy authentic products or choose beacon! Generally speaking, I was quite satisfied this time. At first, I was worried that the color was too dark, and the real object was relatively bright. Talking about the size, my foot shape was thin, but not too narrow. The upper foot and right foot were a little tight. After running the shoelaces, they should be more normal without bias. Talking about the feeling of the foot, the shoes are still relatively light, there is no feeling of stepping on the excrement, and it is not very soft. Although the middle sole is boost, the upper foot is not particularly soft, and the thickness of the sole is not expected to be thinner. I measured the thickness of the boost of the sole after the foot is about 12cm, which is far lower than the level of UB, which is similar to yeezy350. The vamp is relatively wide. From the front and top, I feel that the foot is slightly bloated. The appearance of the side is still very high

adidas Yeezy Boost Runner 700

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